Audition Notice: 

"RAGE AGAINST the trilogy", collectively created by Theatre ARTaud, Filament Incubator, Sketch Platform Productions, Pound Ionesco Faulkner and the Four-Penny Opera Foundation.

Rage Against The Inferno (Jerusalem) by Rouvan Silogix
Rage Against The Complacent by Daniel Bagg
Rage Against The King by Andrew Markowiak

We are looking to cast select roles for each show. Specifically:

- Female-Identifying person of colour; someone who is a good mover, and can seamlessly slip between surrealist-character work, and dramatic realism. *Bonus if you're a singer, or have any weird / cool skill.

- Male, 30s/40s, a washed up rock star

- Female, 20s, quietly confident

- 4-5 Ensemble Performers, strong preference for artists who move well

Theatre ARTaud and Filament Incubator are committed to engaging artists who reflect the cultural diversity of Toronto. If you are a POC, identify along the LGBTQ+ spectrum, or from any marginalized community-- we strongly encourage you to submit.

All artists will be contracted to a profit share agreement under the CAEA festival policy.

Sunday, May 6th between 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Monday, May 7th between 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Please e-mail headshot / resume to Kristin Freeland at, with subject title "RA - Audition - (name)"

Thursday, May 3 - Midnight.

About The Show:
RAGE AGAINST the trilogy explores ideas of "Right vs. Good", finding home, seeking paradise, and encompassing the indifference and madness in between. The intertwined shows loosely follow the ideas of "Inferno", "Purgatory" and "Paradise" from Dante's Divine Comedy.

About The Team:
Theatre ARTaud is an artistic collective run by people-of-color, committed to the works of the Surreal, and THE BLACK PLAGUE.
Filament Incubator exists to champion the work of underproduced and underrepresented artists on a consistent basis.


Theatre Artaud is currently accepting script submissions of all types to be fully or partially produced by Theatre Artaud. Please submit all scripts to


Are you a designer? Clown Artist? Stand-Up Philosopher? Commedia expert? Think you vibe with what we're all about? Have an urge to create some Surrealist work? Want to create with us? E-Mail us anyway at