You want what’s easy? Music isn’t easy. Great music is hard. Great music is hard as shit. Great music tears your heart from your soul and bleeds all over the fucking carpet. You don’t know anything about music.
— Izzy
Photography: Daniel Bagg

Photography: Daniel Bagg

RAGE Against the King

Toronto Fringe Festival, 2018 - July 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14
Robert Gill Theatre
214 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 2Z9
60 minutes

Standard ticket price: $11
(Discounts and passes available through Toronto Fringe Festival)
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For the past sixteen years Izzy P has been coasting along as the front man for one of the provinces hottest grunge bands. Now, Izzy wants more. Eden has always been Izzy’s biggest fan, but as his new manager, she’s been tasked with bringing his lofty ambitions back down to earth. 

An exploration of ambition, legacy, and success, RAGE AGAINST  The King shines a light on the one percent, patriarchal society, and the fact that nothing lasts forever. 


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Co-Director / Playwright: Andrew Markowiak

Andrew Markowiak is a Toronto based actor, writer, director, and deviser. As an actor: Theatre: Kyle in Kill Your Parents In Viking, Alberta (Blood Pact Theatre) Rick in Rowing (Then They Fight), and Darren in the Canadian Premiere of Philip Ridley’s Mercury Fur (Seven Siblings Theatre).

Film/TV: Paper Year (First Generation Films), Hole in the Wall (DreamScience Films) Man Seeking Woman(FXX), Close Encounters (Discovery Channel) and Last Seen Alive (Investigation Discovery). Andrew also had the pleasure of performing alongside Comedy Award winner Nikki Payne on the series Ir-Reverend, currently being developed by Annie Bradley and Daniela Saioni for Nobody’s Daughters.

He has appeared in several national television spots, including commercials for Nestea, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Canadian Tire, TD, Nissan, Nescafe, Rogers, and GameStop. Andrew is a graduate of York University, where he trained in Playwriting, Directing, and Devised Theatre.

RAGE AGAINST The King has been co-directed by Andrew & Laura Darby. 

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Sketch Platform Productions

Pound Ionesco Faulkner


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