Soup of Letters

With Love From Our Poet-In-Residence (D'Freire)

D'Freire in his concrete poem, Soup of Letters, proceeds to ironize the irony of Ezra Pound's disdain towards the works of those whom Ezra Pound previously supported. 

When Ezra Pound was ageing, he famously started shunning the output of the very same "experimentalists" whose works he previously championed. He loved Ulysses, but disregarded Finnegans Wake, for example. Same with Gertrude Stein; he classified her later "Yiddishist" poems as graceless and futile.

As for lettrism, it is the movement usually mentioned to designate what
E.E.Cummings is NOT. That is: "E.E.Cummings is crazy, but he's not a lettrist..."; which is to say: "his work is crazy, sure, but it still makes sense (unlike lettrism)", etc.

But Lettrism, a cousin of DADA, has its due place in the trajectory of modern literature; besides, D'Friere does not believe it is fair to ironize one's friends to make one's own crazy work seem more palatable. 

D'Freire proceeds to ironize their irony in Soup of Letters.