"Washtub Opera"

A feminist exhortation poem in dotted verse; by our Poet-In-Residence, D'Friere

"WASHTUB OPERA", by D'Friere

Both ancient – Arnaut, close to our Artaud: but the earlier is rather a Daniel, and rather early, 12th C. – and new – Baudelaire – troubadours have come across in the dotted verse-a-version. The discourse of the poem is rather prosaic – blank, rhymeless, dissonant, unalliterative verses. Prose-poems, prosems, poeses. Baudelaire again. The piece is more visually charged than your regular Virgil.

“Melancholy revolution” refers to the Constitutional Revolution of Brazil in 1932. See the homonym book by Oswald the Andrade, who coined the whole thing. That this piece is not as reference-heavy as my others is an imposition of the form/content. Depending on the feminist mood, his-story has not much worth referencing. Country of My Skull is apartheid’s South Africa, as coined and depicted by the otherwise Afrikaans poet Antjie Krog.

"aunt dagmar told this ageold story singing it to the beat of drums • it
repeats through the sound of sinking dishes •• strolling over the bridge of a
melancholy revolution • listen to girls women ladies • children mothers
godmothers •• listen to the true story of the dishes • they are saying get out
•• women girls mothers rise as the levantborne sun • sing • hear the
tambours of a new manifestation • it is here approaching • your voice
pierces the air hearts • you timbre overcomes the flat clamor of engines
machines afflictions to modernity the utensils in the kitchen • we will study
calculate etch a line but reverberating motors mute the rhythm of sensitivity
• our hearts they teach us the necessity to impeach a minoritys ruler who
presides in the past or in name only • we are again in 1937 • do not be
fooled by lies rampant lies with guns in the high courts of the country •
nationalism is not wrong when it may bring us closer • urges of friendship
not blood in the guiltstricken mouth of a minoritys nationalism that shows
its claws of selfmotivated ignorance •• so far as we remain unable to feel
alright sympathetic solidary • letting art play the orchestrating part • we
must gather and do doubts on tolerance away • rally the flock of
antisegregation • become constant unfailing while we fuel exploding
migration • that this country of future may no longer be the one of our skull"